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When should I update my estate plan?

Understanding the different types of estate planning tools that can help with an effective estate plan is important but it is also important to know when to update an estate plan once one has been put in place. Different life changes and circumstances may trigger the need to update an estate plan and estate planners should be familiar with what those circumstances are.

Options for selecting the best business form

Starting up a business can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, however, the business law legal system provides important tools and resources to help new business owners and entrepreneurs select the best business form for their goals and needs. It is important to be familiar with business formation and planning and options available to help get the business going but also to accommodate its future growth down the road.

Everything estate planners should know about estate planning

This blog recently discussed how helpful trusts can be as part of an estate plan. There are many helpful components of an effective estate plan that can give estate planners peace of mind which is why they should be familiar with the full range of estate planning tools available to them.

Ways a trust can help as a part of an effective estate plan

A trust can be an important and helpful component of an overall estate plan that many estate planners may not fully understand but should. Trusts are one type of estate planning tool that can either be used to supplement a will or replace a will but estate planners should have guidance to ensure they develop an estate plan that is best for them and utilize estate planning tools in a way that meets the needs of their unique estate.

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