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What are defenses to medical malpractice?

Defenses to medical malpractice are based on the medical malpractice claim that is made against the doctor, medical care provider or hospital. Medical care providers may wonder how to refute claims of medical malpractice and defend themselves against a serious charge of medical malpractice.

Do you doubt your employee's injury claim?

No employer wants to see a worker suffer an injury on the job. Everything comes to a halt while you tend to the employee, and if the injury is serious, you and your crew may find it difficult to get your minds back on the tasks of the day. As frustrating and time-consuming as it may be, you may be more than willing to set in motion the wheels of the workers' compensation process for an employee who legitimately suffers an injury in the course of his or her duties.

How to defend against a personal injury claim

It is important for individuals and businesses that have been accused of causing harm to be familiar with how to defend themselves against those accusations. Individuals and businesses accused of causing personal injuries have to make decisions about how to respond to a personal injury claim, how to defend against it and if they want to settle or go to trial.

How can business owners prevent slip and fall accidents?

The last thing that business owners want to deal with is a lawsuit. Handling a personal injury claim can be an expensive and time-consuming ordeal that distracts owners from their business goals.

Legal resources for employers

This blog recently discussed common defenses to a workers' compensation claim. There are many claims that may be made against employers that they need help with which is why they should be familiar with the legal resources and defense options available to them when a claim has been made against them as the employer.

Common defenses to a workers' compensation claim

It is important to be able to know what to do when an employer is faced with a workers' compensation claim that they believe is not valid. Defending against invalid workers' compensation claims is important for employers to be familiar with.

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