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Where to keep estate planning documents

Many of our readers in the Quad Cities who are familiar with previous posts here know how important it is to have a comprehensive estate plan. No matter their financial or family situation, almost anyone can benefit from having a plan in place for the distribution of assets after their death, naming guardians for minor children and having documents in place that name another person to make crucial decisions in the event of incapacitation. But, once one has an estate plan in place, where do they keep these important documents?

The right approach to business legal issues

There are many Quad Cities residents who are serious businesspeople -- dedicated to providing a quality service or product, while at the same time enhancing their companies' profitability. The level of dedication it takes to start and run a successful business can be overwhelming, and most businesspeople do everything they can to ensure the company is taking the right steps. When it comes to legal issues, business leaders should not act any differently.

Standard of care is key in medical malpractice

As a medical professional, your focus is on helping your patients heal and recover from their illnesses and injuries. As rewarding as your job may be, you have certainly had days when your work was exhausting and trying. Nevertheless, you maintain a high standard of care and do what you can to relieve the suffering of your patients. Nevertheless, not every case goes well, and some patients do not fully recover.

Crucial tips when it comes to estate planning

The estate planning process can seem like a mystery to many Quad Cities residents who are just getting started, but there are some crucial tips to keep in mind that can make the process less challenging. A recent news article discussed some of the tips and our readers could benefit from considering them when they begin to think about organizing their comprehensive estate plans.

The basics of a trial in civil litigation

Many of our Quad Cities readers probably have a basic idea of how trials work in our nation's judicial system. After all, there is no shortage of courtroom dramas on TV or in the movies. But, reality is quite different than what we see on our TVs. Understanding the basics of a trial in civil litigation can help Iowa residents prepare for how their case will be handled.

What are the workers' compensation basics in the Quad Cities?

Individuals who suffer injuries on-the-job in Iowa typically have quite a few questions about their options. They may be exploring their short-term disability insurance policy for the first time, or maybe they need to dip into their savings. They may need to find someone to cover their work tasks if they need to take time off of work to heal and recuperate. But, one area that all injured workers need to be familiar with is workers' compensation. Do workers in our area know the basics about workers' compensation?

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