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Recognizing specific issues to plan for in an estate plan

When Iowa residents start to think about getting an estate plan together, they oftentimes do not know where to start. Many people feel overwhelmed with the vast array of options that could constitute a comprehensive estate plan. However, when people approach estate planning in terms of solving problems before they arise, this can make the whole process much easier. It is important to recognize specific issues to plan for when it comes to estate planning.

Protecting yourself when facing harassment allegations

The recent #MeToo movement brought attention to the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Those who experienced this unacceptable and illegal behavior obtained a voice, and employers learned a swift lesson about how to prevent and address such incidents in their workplaces. You or your manager may have implemented or improved the protocol in your own Iowa business and perhaps provided training to help your employees understand the problem.

Making sure a will is valid

Having a valid will is key to ensuring the estate planner has an effective estate plan they can count on to ensure their wishes are fulfilled. As a result, it is important for estate planners to know what is required for a will to be valid which can vary by state so it is also essential for estate planners to know the rules in their state.

Employment law help for employers

Because employment law governs so many important relationships, it is important to understand and to be familiar with. Employment law provides protections for employers that they should be familiar with in case a dispute or other concern with an employee arises. Employment-related disputes and concerns can be addressed in a variety of ways based on the nature of dispute or concern and the needs of the employer.

The process of challenging a workers' compensation claim

Workers' compensation protections are for injured workers but are not for workers who claim to be injured when they are not. Because of this, it is important for employers to be familiar with how to dispute a workers' compensation claim when necessary.

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