Defending against a workers’ compensation claim

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Employers, insurance carriers and others may find themselves in a position of defending against a workers’ compensation claim. Businesses and self-insured employers alike should understand how to respond to a workers’ compensation claim that may be invalid because of workers’ compensation fraud or for some other reason.

There are several reasons that a workers’ compensation claim may be denied. Some common scenarios include: the worker failed to notify the employer in a timely manner; the time period to make a claim has passed; the injuries suffered were not work-related; the injuries were self-inflicted; the worker failed to attend doctor appointments; and the injury suffered is not as severe as what was claimed, among other reasons.

Workers’ compensation can include benefits for medical expenses and lost wages, and it can be very expensive. Paying out benefits for a false claim can mean not having enough money to go around for workers who were hurt on the job and legitimately need the benefits. It is important to engage medical and vocational experts to help evaluate a claim and defend against it, if necessary. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to negotiate, challenge or litigate a workers’ compensation claim and the right information can be useful in that process.

Employers and insurers have a right to defend themselves at hearings after they have rejected a workers’ compensation claim. When they do so, it’s important to seek out help from lawyers who have experience in workers’ compensation defense. Our firm has roots going back more than 100 years, and our attorneys have extensive experience with workers’ compensation law in Iowa and Illinois. See our workers’ compensation defense page to learn more.