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The process of challenging a workers' compensation claim

Workers' compensation protections are for injured workers but are not for workers who claim to be injured when they are not. Because of this, it is important for employers to be familiar with how to dispute a workers' compensation claim when necessary.

It is also important for employers to know their workers' compensation responsibilities and rights under the laws of their state. Employers are typically allowed to dispute a workers' compensation claim for benefits but the procedures for doing so can vary by state so employers wishing to dispute a workers' compensation claim need to be familiar with the workers' compensation defense process and procedures in their state. Understanding the process and procedures will help walk them through the process of challenging a claim for workers' compensation benefits they do not believe is a valid.

A workers' compensation claim may be disputed on the basis that the worker was not injured at work or that they did not suffer the injury they claimed in the manner they claimed. In addition, it may be possible to challenge a workers' compensation claim for benefits if the injured worker failed to follow the proper procedures when making their claim. The employer will be interviewed as part of the investigation into the claim for benefits so that provides an opportunity for them to share their feedback concerning why they believe the claim for benefits should be denied.

Fraudulent workers' compensation claims, exaggerated claims or claims that occurred outside of the scope of work may all be denied and in some circumstances, the employer may be required to file a dispute of the claim. Because the process can differ depending on the state the employer is in, it is essential for employers concerned about the validity of a workers' compensation claim for be familiar with the workers' compensation defense process where they are at.

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