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Estate planning mistakes to avoid

Estate planning is for everyone and anyone with a car, home or bank account which is why estate planners should be familiar with how estate planning works and mistakes to avoid when estate planning. Estate planning and the help of estate planning services allows estate planners to make informed decisions about their estate, maximize the value of their estate and ensure their beneficiaries are taken care of according to their wishes.

Knowing when to update an estate plan

Knowing when to update an estate plan is as important as setting up an estate plan. It is important to have key elements of an estate plan, including a will, but it is also important to update an estate plan if the estate planner experiences certain major life changes.

Trust basics and the part they play in an estate plan

Trusts are a type of estate planning tool that can come in handy in a number of ways. Wills, trusts, advance healthcare directives and powers of attorney are all estate planning tools that estate planners should consider when considering the best estate plan for them.

Powers of attorney and how they help with an estate plan

Many people and estate planners have probably heard of a power of attorney, but may wonder exactly what one does and how to get one. A power of attorney document gives another individual the power to make important decisions on behalf of the party executing the power of attorney and conduct their financial affairs, or direct their medical care and treatment.

Estate planning tools for every estate plan

Estate planning can help estate planners ensure they leave the legacy they wish to leave and that their assets go to their beneficiaries according to their wishes. As a result, estate planning is a process for everyone to carefully consider an understand.

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