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Defense approaches to personal injury claims

Being named as a Quad Cities defendant in a personal injury lawsuit can send an individual, business or municipality into full-on evaluation mode. What is the source of the claim? Is there any validity to the claim? What is the extent of damages that is being claimed? These questions, along with many others, are usually the first to pop up in the mind of a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.

Investors allege fraudulent misrepresentation over funding of energy project

Investors in an Iowa biogas project are claiming that developers didn't have the funding -- $15 million -- they claimed they had. The investors' lawsuit alleges fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract and theft, among other allegations.

Building a case in civil litigation

Any Quad Cities resident or business entity named as a "defendant" in civil litigation may be taken back by the allegations against them and, therefore, may be struggling to put together a cohesive defense strategy. But, just like plaintiffs, defendants must carefully build their cases to present a comprehensive and persuasive argument to rebut the plaintiff's case in arbitration, mediation or even in a civil trial.

Can mediation help in Quad Cities civil litigation?

When parties are on the defense side of any type of civil litigation case, they are likely looking at all available options to attempt to end the case as soon as possible, and as cost-effectively as possible. In many situations, mediation may be a viable option. So, can mediation help in civil litigation? The answer, like the answer to many legal questions, is probably, "it depends." To consider whether or not mediation may be an option in a specific legal case, it is important to understand what, exactly, mediation is.

The basics of a trial in civil litigation

Many of our Quad Cities readers probably have a basic idea of how trials work in our nation's judicial system. After all, there is no shortage of courtroom dramas on TV or in the movies. But, reality is quite different than what we see on our TVs. Understanding the basics of a trial in civil litigation can help Iowa residents prepare for how their case will be handled.

How mediation can help with legal disputes

Settling disputes through litigation can be time consuming and costly for litigants which is why it is at least worth it for them to take a look at different legal options available to help them resolve their concern. Mediation is an alternative that can save time and money and may resolve the dispute in a more peaceful fashion.

How to defend against a personal injury claim

It is important for individuals and businesses that have been accused of causing harm to be familiar with how to defend themselves against those accusations. Individuals and businesses accused of causing personal injuries have to make decisions about how to respond to a personal injury claim, how to defend against it and if they want to settle or go to trial.

Legal resources for employers

This blog recently discussed common defenses to a workers' compensation claim. There are many claims that may be made against employers that they need help with which is why they should be familiar with the legal resources and defense options available to them when a claim has been made against them as the employer.

How does the appeals process work?

The appeals process is an important part of the overall legal system and the civil litigation process because it provides the parties with options and redress if they do not agree with the outcome of a decision made by the court. State and federal court decisions are generally subject to review by appeals courts, which can provide important relief for litigants.

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