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Workers' compensation basics and responding to them

Whether a workers' compensation claim for benefits is being pursued or being defended against, it is helpful to understand the basics of workers' compensation benefits. It is also useful to be familiar with the different categories of benefits which may be generally recoverable through workers' compensation .

The process of defending against a workers' compensation claim

Defending against workers' compensation claims can involve many complexities which makes having an understanding of how workers' compensation laws work important for those defending against workers' compensation claims. Additionally, the nature of workers' compensation defense also makes it valuable to have trained guidance throughout the process. Parties that may find themselves defending against a workers' compensation claim can include employers, insurers and third-party administrators.

As an employer, am I required to buy workers' comp insurance?

Between running the day-to-day operations of a profitable business and complying with various regulations, employers have heavy responsibilities. One responsibility that you must carefully handle is workers' compensation. Workers' compensation insurance is vital for both employers and workers, as it covers most injuries and illnesses incurred on the job.

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