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What is mediation?

When conflicts arise, there are ways to resolve them. However, depending on the parties involved and the dispute at hand, not all types of dispute resolution methods are appropriate. Thus, it is important for individuals in Iowa and elsewhere to understand what options are available and what steps are necessary to but them into action.

What is mediation? This is an alternative dispute resolution method, and it is often described as a facilitated negotiation. There is a neutral third party involved in this process, and the role of the mediator is not to make decisions but rather help the parties reach a resolution. This might look like guiding the conversation, rephrasing a statement or even posing questions.

Mediation is not right for everyone, so it is important to understand whether it is right for you. If parties are unwilling or unable to reach a resolution, it may be advisable to try mediation. This is a short-term process that is both structured and task-oriented. However, if common ground cannot be found, even with the help of a mediator, this process may not be the most suitable.

If the mediation process is successful, it will result in an agreement. The content of such an agreement is dependent on the issue at hand; however, parties to mediation have much control over the process. They are able to control what the agreement looks like and can even stipulate how future disputes will be handled.

Civil litigation matters do not always mean going to trial. Alternative dispute resolution methods are available. Mediation may be a suitable option, as it can help the parties to the dispute work with a neutral party to reach a workable and fair solution. However, if a resolution is not met, parties should understand what other options are available to them.

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