What is malpractice?

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Malpractice is an area of the law it is helpful for professionals in various industries to be familiar with. In some circumstances, a professional such as a medical or legal professional may be accused of not having performed their duties to their client and it is important for them to be familiar with what the allegations include and how they can defend themselves against the accusations and assertions made against them.

If you have been accused of some type of malpractice in your professional capacity, it is likely that you have many questions that need answers. A claim for malpractice is usually based on negligence and accusations that the party accused of malpractice did not provide the standard of care or services that would normally be expected in their industry in that area for that profession. This can be common in the medical and legal professions and other areas as well.

Because many medical and legal professionals carry some type of malpractice insurance, insurance defense issues can also come up. Typically, civil litigation such as a medical malpractice or legal malpractice claim begins when the party asserting the malpractice files a claim for damages. They may be asserting physical, financial and emotional damages and seeking compensation for the same from the medical or legal professional.

The medical or legal professional that has been accused of malpractice has the right and opportunity to defend themselves against the accusations they are facing. There are a variety of ways they may defend against the accusations based on the circumstances, and can sometimes be complex, which is why it is helpful for any type of professional facing a malpractice claim to be familiar with their legal protections, options and rights.