Workers’ compensation basics and responding to them

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Whether a workers’ compensation claim for benefits is being pursued or being defended against, it is helpful to understand the basics of workers’ compensation benefits. It is also useful to be familiar with the different categories of benefits which may be generally recoverable through workers’ compensation .

There are several categories of illness and injuries that may cause workers to apply for benefits. Workers may apply for benefits because of a preexisting condition that was accelerated or aggravated in the workplace; for injuries they allege were caused during a lunch break, lunchtime hours, a work-related or sponsored activity or company facilities; diseases they assert were caused by toxins or other hazardous exposure; and injuries that result from the physical or mental strain of the workplace.

It is helpful for employers who are challenging a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to be familiar with the types of claims that may be made by workers. Workers’ compensation defense claims are largely based on the type of claim that is being made and the situation and circumstances of the claim. Employers have certain responsibilities associated with the workers’ compensation process and can also challenge a claim for benefits.

When a claim for workers’ compensation benefits has been made, there may be different perspectives related to the claim in question for workers’ compensation benefits. Whether the employer is self-insured or otherwise, a workers’ compensation claim for benefits can be significant which is why they should be familiar with their responsibilities, as well as their rights and options when responding to a claim.